Soufriere Culture

The culture of the people of Soufriere is no different to that of the other communities on the island.  It is heavily influenced by our African heritage and our ancestors struggle for survival and liberty.  Our culture was also shaped by the influences of the Europeans, East Indians and Amerindians.  The effects of their influence can still be felt in our technology, community life, mythologies, religion, cultural ceremonies and foods.   


The community is not well known for its observance of the island’s better known cultural activities; however, the townspeople celebrate Independence Day, an occasional Carnival ahead of the national event, Soufriere Creole Jazz and Christmas.

Independence Day in Soufriere is normally celebrated with a range of activities that are normally organized by groups within the community.  For the last few years, the social club, BASCO, hosted several activities which included canoe races, greasy pole, greasy pig, swimming and bicycle races and Creole shows.

During the first week of May, Soufriere becomes a buzz of excitement and musical aficionados all make their way to the community to witness Soufriere Jazz.  Dubbed Soufriere Creole Jazz, the event is an expose of local music and jazz and is arguably the biggest cultural activity in Soufriere.  The event which started off as a fringe activity of the St. Lucia Jazz Festival has grown into a three day festival.  Over the last few years the event has attracted several international and regional artistes.  In 2010, Grammacks (Dominica) and Klimax (Cuba) were the headliners. 

Soufriere Carnival is a yearly cultural activity.  The activity is usually held over two days in July and is always hosted ahead of the national event.  During Soufriere Carnival a mix of costumed, t-shirt and ole mass bands parade the streets in their colourful costumes, t-shirts and character representations.  In 2004, both the St. Lucia Carnival Queen and the OECS Soca Monarch were from Soufriere.

Christmas is one of, if not the most anticipated time of year, for residents of the Soufriere community.