Soufriere Politics

Soufriere has always been a renegade town when electing politicians. From the inception of adult suffrage in 1951 to 1987 when Baden Allain of the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP), was elected on April 6th and again on April 30th the people of Soufriere switched from one political party to the other in a rhythmic pattern. The same candidate was never elected to serve consecutive terms. In the case of Baden Allain, some people were of the view that this was one and the same election since the polls were held within the same month. The pattern was truly broken when Walter Francois was elected in 1996 and again in 2001 on a Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) ticket. Sometimes one hears about constituencies being the stronghold of one party or the other based on election trends. It is said that Laborie is an SLP stronghold while Micoud is a UWP stronghold.


Political results