Our Mission, Vision and Objectives

Our Mission

To foster economic, cultural and social development in a manner that is responsive to the needs and aspirations of the community, while preserving and enhancing the natural and cultural assets upon which that development is based.


Our Vision

To be a financially viable organization contributing toward the development of the community’s human resources, vibrant local economy driven by tourism and the preservation of the natural, historical and cultural heritage of Soufriere.

Our Objectives

The Soufriere Foundation has the following objectives as per its Memorandum of Association:

At the institutional level

  • To provide a coordinating framework for the actions of governmental and non-governmental organisations
  • To encourage cooperation between the government, the private sector and community organizations
  • To provide support to the creation and operation of vibrant community institutions
  • To facilitate the decentralization of and effective delivery of government services to the Soufriere community

At the programmes level

  • To advocate the need for integrated resource use planning, implementing and monitoring at the community level
  • To design, support and promote sustainable development initiatives which bring maximum benefits to the community
  • To create, or support the creation of, public infrastructure which is required for the well-being and growth of the Soufriere community
  • To strengthen linkages between the various sectors of the local economy
  • To encourage local involvement, participation and investment in the various sectors of the economy and notably in tourism-related business
  • To support community education and awareness on all issues of relevance to the needs of the Soufriere community
  • To develop and enhance cultural activities
  • To facilitate and promote community participation in all aspects of development in the Soufriere region
  • To undertake the training of persons in all sectors relevant to the development of the community
  • To seek, accept and manage funds, grants and donations for the purpose of developing the community

Strategic Objectives

In 2007, the stakeholders of the Soufriere Foundation met and formed a new development plan for the community of Soufriere. As per the 2007 – 2012 strategic plan, the organization was mandated to focus on seven (7) strategic areas, namely;

  • Promotion and Marketing
  • Economic Development
  • Social and Cultural Development
  • Infrastructural Development
  • Preservation of Natural/Historical Assets
  • Human Resource Development
  • Community Relations