What have we done?

Since its establishment the Soufriere Foundation has had many achievements, inter alia, but not at all limited to having:

  • Formed the Soufriere Marine Management Area to manage the use of the coastal and marine resources of the community
  • Promoted environmental education in schools through lectures and the provision of audio visual and other educational materials
  • Completed the Sulphur Springs Park Enhancement Project, which involved the construction of new trails, changing rooms, vending village, ticket office, staff accommodation and world-class interpretation centre
  • Completed a Sulphur Springs Natural Landmark Management Plan
  • Upgraded the tourism infrastructure of the community
  • Established Soufriere as a Port of Entry
  • Worked with the informal business sector to seek appropriate economic opportunities and provide training
  • Provided support to innovative, small scale rural productive activity, particularly in areas of agriculture, horticulture, aquaculture and handicraft
  • Lobbied owners to support efforts of the Soufriere Foundation to conserve and preserve the heritage architecture of the community
  • Liaised with key agencies on development initiatives within the community
  • Supported cultural preservation and development through sponsorship of cultural activities including Carnival, popular theatre, jazz, etc
  • Received funding and worked with the French Mission, British Embassy and United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) to undertake development work within the community
  • Provided basic social services to disenfranchised residents e.g built or replaced completely damaged toilet infrastructure in Soufriere Town and Palmiste with the assistance of UNICEF and Fond St. Jacques area, without external assistance
  • Replaced or repaired damaged community infrastructure such as Baron’s Drive bridge and bathroom
  • Constructed with assistance from the French Mission the Soufriere Fish Market (latter destroyed by Hurricane Lenny in 1999)
  • Donated towards the objectives of local community groups and institutions
  • Formed and funded the youth group, Yaticka
  • Sponsored yearly the hosting of the Soufriere Foundation football and cricket competitions
  • Constructed the Soufriere Craft Market (latter destroyed by Hurricane Lenny in 1999)
  • Repaired damaged sidewalks and road grills within the community

Our ongoing efforts are captured on our Programmes and Project pages.