Renovation and maintenance works at the Sulphur Springs Park

PRESS RELEASE – The Soufriere Regional Development Foundation (SRDF) has strategically been engaged in the re-branding of its product offering to the patrons and visitors who come to the world renowned Sulphur Springs Park.

The premiere touristic site stands as one of the most notable attractions in regional eco-tourism packages and garners substantial income through its daily operations.

The multi-tiered enhancement plan encompassed rehabilitation and renovation works to enhance aesthetics and operational safety in order to improve visitor experience, general appeal and marketability.

The maintenance and renovation campaign cost approximately $60,000.00 and provided short term employment for a number of persons from Soufriere. Completed works included repairs and painting to the park’s interpretation centre and associated offices; painting, electrical, carpentry and plumbing interventions to a cashier’s booth, staff quarters and kitchenette. Further to the itemized project schedule, two canteens and a vending booth were also refurbished.

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