Committee Members

Michael Gustave

Occupation: Businessman
Sector Representative: St Lucia Tourist Board


Subcommittee(s): Finance and Projects Subcommittees

Mr. Gustave is the Chairperson of the Board of Directors. He is no stranger to board governance having served before on the board of the Soufriere Town Council, St. Lucia Tourist Board, Housing and Urban Development Corporation and the National Development Corporation.

He is a founding member of the Soufriere Foundation which he served as Deputy Chairperson between the periods 1986 to 1997. Under his leadership the Soufriere Foundation built the Soufriere waterfront and jetties, negotiated funding for the Sulphur Springs Park Enhancement project and formed the Soufriere Marine Management Area.

Mr. Gustave who is a successful businessman serves as the representative of the tourism sector on the Board. He seats on the Finance and Projects Committee.

His strong leadership, experience, knowledge and vision are all assets he brings to the Board.

Valerie Saltibus

Occupation: Businesswoman
Sector Representative: Chamber of Commerce, Soufriere

Deputy Chairperson

Subcommittee(s): Staffing

Mrs. Saltibus, the present co-owner and manager of West Coast Jeeps & Taxi Service, serves as a member of the Staffing and Finance Committee

Mrs. Saltibus is the first female to serve on the Board in a leadership position. She represents the private sector on the board. Her high business acumen, strength of personality and demonstrated leadership skills made her the ideal candidate for the position of Deputy Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Soufriere Foundation.

Mrs. Saltibus’ background in training and development will augur well for the organisation and the Board.

Anthony Barnard

Occupation: Businessman
Sector Representative: Fond St. Jacques Development Committee


Subcommittee(s): Projects

Mr. Bernard is the representative of the Fond St. Jacques Development Committee on the Board. He is presently the organisation’s Vice Treasurer and its former Chairperson. He has a long and distinguished record of community involvement serving on many other community organisations, including the Board of Directors of the Soufriere Foundation which he served as its Treasurer from 1997 to 2006.

Mr. Bernard is an Electrical Electronic Refrigeration and Mechanical Technician by trade and is a practicing Eco-Tourism Manager. He is endowed with institutional memory and serves on the Staffing Committee.

Antonius Alexis

Occupation: Businessman
Sector Representative: District Representative’s Office


Subcommittee(s): Staffing

Mr. Alexis is a former Senior Supervisor with the Windward Island Packaging Company Ltd (WINERA). He has many years of regional work experience having worked in Costa Rica, Dominica and Venezuela.

He has undertaken training in many areas of work including operations, total quality and human resources management. He has a passion for people and undertook specialist training in human resources management at the prestigious Barbados Institute for Management and Productivity. Mr. Alexis also has a rich background in industrial relations having served for a number of years as company Shop Steward.

Mr. Alexis is the present representative for the district representative office on the Board of Directors. His deep human relations expertise will come in handy on the Staffing Committee, which he chairs.

Uranus Alexander

Occupation: Teacher
Sector Representative: Youth and Sports


Subcommittee(s): Public Relations

Mr. Alexander has a passion for youth and sports development. He is the founder of the former Ajax Football Club and the recently formed New Development Youth Club. He is a West Indies Cricket Board Level I certified coach and a well recognized football coach. With a deep background in youth development it is no surprise that he serves as the representative of the youth and sports sector.

Mr. Alexander is a teacher by profession and has a BSc in Psychology. He is a member of the Public Relations Committee.

Raphael Felix

Occupation: Manager
Sector Representative: Cooperatives


Subcommittee(s): Staffing

Mr. Felix is a trained Agriculturist and the General Manager of the Belle Vue Farmers Cooperative.

He is a former member of the Fond St. Jacques Development Committee and Councilor of the Soufriere Town Council. He is the representative of the cooperatives sector on the Board.

Mr. Felix is a member of the Staffing Committee.

Methodius Claircin

Occupation: Engineering Assistant
Sector Representative: Infrastructure and Works


Subcommittee(s): Projects and Finance

Mr. Claircin is presently employed with the Ministry of Infrastructure as an Engineering Assistant and seats on the Board of Directors as the representative of the infrastructure and works sector.

Mr. Claircin’s is a well rounded and knowledgeable individual. He has a strong reputation for being a prudent leader and has been instrumental in assisting his ministry in sustaining road infrastructure, public utilities and other services in his assigned area. His expertise and skill in the engineering field will be a useful asset to the Board which he serves as Chairperson of the Projects Committee. He is also a member of the Finance Committee.

Before joining the Board he served as a Councilor with the Soufriere Town Council. He has also served as Treasurer of the Soufriere Basketball Association and is the present Vice President of the Soufriere Youth Organisation.

Darnell Bobb

Occupation: Programme Coordinator
Sector Representative: Municipal Government


Subcommittee(s): Finance & Projects

Mr. Bobb is no stranger to the organisation having previously served as its Chief Executive Officer between the periods 2004 to 2008, and now as a director.

He is presently the Programme Coordinator of the Holistic Opportunities for Personal Empowerment programme of the St. Lucia Social Development Fund. He is a former graduate of the University of the West Indies from which he graduated with a BSc (Hons.) in Management with Economics.

Mr. Bobb has had several years directorship experience having served as a director on the Board of the Development Control Authority and also as Deputy Chairperson of the Piton Management Area Advisory Committee.

He is the present Chairman of the Soufriere Town Council and represents the latter on the Board. Mr. Bobb is a member of the Finance and Projects Committee.

Mr. Bobb’s background and experience as an executive and director, provides him with an ideal platform from which to contribute holistically to the work of the Board.

Joan Hippolyte

Occupation: Principal
Sector Representative: Social and Human Affairs

Company Secretary

Subcommittee(s): Public Relations

Mrs. Hippolyte is the former Principal of the Fond St. Jacques Combined School and now the present Principal of the Soufriere Comprehensive Secondary School. She is a learned individual and holds a Bachelors and Masters degree in Education.

Mrs. Hippolyte is a well known community and social activist having served as president of the Soufriere Branch of the St. Lucia Teacher’s Union (SLTU) and as a member of the SLTU’s national executive. She has served on numerous community groups including the Soufriere Town Council and now brings her wealth of experience in community engagement to the Board of Directors of the Soufriere Foundation. She is the representative of the social sector on the Board.

Mrs. Hippoltye is the Company Secretary and a member of the Public Relations Committee.