• Diamond Falls & Tropical Gardens

    Diamond Falls & Tropical Gardens

    The Falls, Soufriere, St Lucia
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    In addition to its fabulous setting, Soufriere is the gateway to one of St. Lucia's most interesting natural attractions -- the magnificent Diamond Falls, the lowest of the six waterfalls that tumble down the mountain from the volcano.

    The privately-owned Diamond Falls and Mineral Baths, less than a mile east of Soufriere, are part of the Soufriere Estate dating from 1713. The Baths, originally built in 1784, were restored by Mrs. Joan Devaux in the 1980s, with some of the original 18th century baths still in use. At the entrance, a narrow path edged with tropical flowers and shaded by stately palms leads to the bathhouse and a series of pools, each a different temperature. Beyond are the falls roaring out of a mineral-streaked gorge and spilling through the gardens into the pools. A tour of the gardens is approximately 45 minutes.