• Morne Coubaril Estate

    Morne Coubaril Estate

    Website: http://www.mornecoubarilestate.com
    Phone: 758.459.7340

    St Lucia's oldest French Creole Estate

    This working estate, growing cocoa, coconuts and manioc, is open to tourists who want to see traditional agriculture methods or ride horses around the 250 acre property. Guides show how coconuts are opened, roasted and sent off to be made into margarine, soaps, oil and animal feed. Cocoa is fermented, dried on racks in the sun, oiled, polished through the art of dancing on them, crushed and then formed into chocolate sticks. Manioc roots are grated, squeezed of excess water, dried over a fire and turned into farina and tapioca pudding also called kassava. The grounds also house a re-creation of a farm worker’s village.

    Come explore this enchanted historical plantation! A garden setting unparalleled to any other!