• New Jerusalem Mineral Baths

    New Jerusalem Mineral Baths

    Website: http://www.newjerusalemfalls.com
    Phone: 758.518.9802

    Treat yourself!

    Just a short bus ride from the town of Soufrière, heading towards Fond St. Jacques, New Jerusalem Warm Baths is a welcomed retreat for sore muscles and a tired physique. If you decide to walk from town to the entrance of New Jerusalem, it is about a 30 minute walk. There is absolutely no level of difficulty to this hidden treasure, aside from a short ten-minute walk from the main road entryway back to the baths.

    The baths are locally owned and managed. There are two warm baths that are equipped with seating areas and three different temperatures of water flowing from bamboo faucets from above. The pressure creates a nice warm body massage on aching muscles. This is not a crowded, nor a touristy location, so you will enjoy relative privacy and solitude.