• Robot Estate

    Robot Estate

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    The setting of Rabot Estate is jaw-droppingly beautiful. In front of you the twin Pitons emerge symmetrically from the Caribbean Sea. Behind you the rainforest stretches into the distance, studded with the gigantic peaks of Mount Gimie and plunging valleys. Right behind you is the Soufrière volcano and Sulphur Springs. The rich and fertile volcanic soil, high altitude (c.1000ft above sea level) and rainforest water create a unique environment (terroir) in which to grow cocoa.

    The estate is divided into 16 different cortès or areas of terroir, with evocative names steeped in history, such as L’ Hermitage, Ti Jardin, Marcial, Mathilde and Rameau. The cocoa trees of Rabot Estate are primarily Trinitario species rich in Criollo genes, which give exceptionally fine cocoa. The Purist bar range showcases the chocolate made twice a year from the harvest.