• Toraille Waterfalls & Gardens

    Toraille Waterfalls & Gardens

    Phone: 758.459.7527

    Near the town of Soufriere, just a stone's throw from the scenic main road, which passes through the community of Fond St. Jacques, a breathtaking waterfall gushes 50 feet over a cliff side and cascades into a pool at the centre of a charmingly landscaped garden.

    A nature trail with quaint bridges and walkways leads you through the lush greens and dazzling colours of this tropical paradise. You can take a refreshing bath under the waterfall, and on days when the force of the water is not too strong, you can enjoy an invigorating back and shoulder massage under the falls. Changing rooms are nearby, as well as a seating area for picnics. Toraille Falls is one of the easier waterfalls to visit given that there is proper signage leading to the site as well as a fairly roomy car park. After getting through the entrance hut and paying the entrance fee, you can walk the short distance for a dip in the man-modified plunge pool or kill more time walking around the small botanical garden on the property. The falls itself might be around 7 to 10m tall.

    To get here from Soufriere, take the Sir Arthur Lewis Street (the same one that leads to the Diamond Botanical Garden turnoff as well as Fond St Jacques and the Edmund Forest Reserve) until you see the car park and sign for this attraction near the bridge.