• Sulphur Springs Park Vending Village

    Sulphur Springs Park Vending Village

    Phone: 758.459.7686

    The 18 units of the SULPHUR SPRINGS PARK Vending Village are operated by vendors who were all born and raised within the middle of the Soufriere Volcanic Centre. These vendors take great pride in their heritage and jealously guard the patrimony of the park.

    The units of the village offers the widest selection of souvenir material in Soufriere and are well stocked with Sulphur Springs specific mementos such as polo shirts, caps, bags, mugs, mouse pads, etc and other St. Lucian crafted and produced mementos. While at the Vending Village you should not miss the opportunity to watch our two craftsmen, within their open air studios, shape characterless pieces of wood into works of art.

    Travellers Cheques are accepted

    Opening hours: 9:30 am to 3:30 pm Sunday to Saturday