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The results of a research study undertaken in Soufriere in late 2007 revealed that there was a great desire by residents to undertake tertiary level schooling. In the absence of any course offerings by Sir Arthur Lewis Community College or any other recognized tertiary school in St. Lucia in Soufriere, the opportunity for training at that level seemed bleak. Propelled by the findings of the research study SRDF in partnership with the National Research and Development Foundation (NRDF) commenced offering tertiary level programmes designed by the Association of Business Executives (ABE) in January 2008. Presently, we offer Business Management; Travel, Tourism and Hospitality and Human Resource Management at the certificate and diploma 1 level.

What is the Association of Business Executives (ABE) Programme?

The Association of Business Executives (ABE) programme is a programme of study designed and offered by the Association of Business Executives of the United Kingdom (UK) is designed to attract individuals who wish to reach for a higher level of education and/or enhance their career and produce graduates who are equipped to function as leaders and managers in the workplace. Association of Business Executives (ABE )itself, is a professional membership body and an examination board which offers business and management qualifications at Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Postgraduate Diploma levels to students around the world. ABE qualifications are offered in consultation with the UK sector skills council and employers and provide progression routes to bachelors and master degree programmes at many universities worldwide.

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Who Is The Programme For?

The programme is designed to cater to the academic needs of:

  • Post secondary school students who desire a tertiary level education
  • Post tertiary school students who desire to obtain a university level qualification and maybe proceed to obtain their bachelors or masters degree
  • Working class persons who desire to qualify themselves for middle management positions
  • Supervisors who want the skill set to perform better at their jobs or the qualification to qualify for senior management positions

Reasons to Enroll in the SRDF offered ABE programme

  • The ABE route allows you to obtain an affordable and convenient internationally recognized qualification locally at a low cost
  • ABE qualifications gives you entry to the second and final years of bachelors degree programmes at universities around the world
  • ABE qualifications gives you the skills to make a real difference in the workplace
  • Your qualification is recognized worldwide by colleges, universities, employers and government ministries
  • SRDF offers great institutional support from providing of some study manuals and past papers to organizing mid-term exams and mentoring sessions for students.
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Business Management

The Business Management programme was designed for persons with an in interest in becoming future business leaders. It provides the participants with the broad based theoretical knowledge to perform in the basic management areas of accounting, human resource management, organizational behavior, economics, etc.

Travel, Tourism and Hospitality

The tourism industry continues to remain the fastest growing industry in the world. Presently, it is the highest contributor to the island’s gross domestic product and the island’s second biggest employer. This course is designed to provide the many persons who seek to enter and those who work in the industry with the knowledge and skills to plan, market and manage the industry.

Human Resource Management

This course is designed for persons wishing to make a career in the managing of human resources or for employees with significant human resource responsibilities who wish to acquire the theoretical knowledge to improve their performance or the certification to be promoted to a higher position within the department.

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Programme Structure

Programme structure

When Are Our Programmes Run?

Each programme will run over two semesters. Regardless of programme, you will during Semester 1 (mid-Jul to Dec) undertake two courses and do a similar number during Semester II (mid-Jan to Jun). Upon passing all four (4) courses you will be awarded a certificate or diploma in your programme of study. Subsequent coursework can lead to advanced diplomas.

Who Can Apply

We welcome applications from the following:

  • Secondary School Leavers
  • Tertiary School Leavers
  • Mature Students (Working persons with 5 years working experience)
  • Middle Managers (Supervisors)
  • Civil Servants, Public Servants, Bankers etc

How To Apply

You can collect our application form at our Main office or download one from the bottom of this page, fill and return to our Training Executive.

When To Apply

Applications are welcomed year round, however, our school year begins in July. All completed application forms should be returned to us by July 15,2011 to ensure a place in your desired programme. Please note that we are only offering the certificate programmes in Business Management and Travel, Tourism and Hospitality this academic year 2011/12.

How Much Do Our Programmes Cost?

1. Tuition

Our courses cost between EC$350.00 to $450 depending on programme level. Tuition payments can be paid in full or in established installments directly to SRDF. Please note that we review our prices annually and course fees may be subject to change.

2. Registration and Exam Fees

ABE registration and exam fees are paid directly to ABE through purchase of a bank draft for the appropriate amount or by paying directly through credit card. The registered student is responsible for paying both fees and making proof of payment available to SRDF before local deadline. Our Training Executive will inform you about amounts and payment deadlines on registration.

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What Institutional Support Does SRDF Provide?

The Soufriere Foundation does everything possible to support enrolled students as they progress through the programme, including but not limited to: providing study manuals and past papers, hiring first rate tutors, offering additional group study times, providing mentoring sessions and acting as a liaison between NRDF and ABE.


Every year the SRDF provides a scholarship to the top performer in the certificate programme to pursue studies in one of our diploma programmes.

For further information about our programmes please feel free to meet with or call our Training Executive at the Soufriere Foundation or email us at:

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ABE Application Form