College Fair


During a strategic planning exercise in 2007 with local stakeholders, they indicated that:

  • There was a gap between the educational requirements of employers and that of the employees and potential employees available to them in the Soufriere area St. Lucia; and
  • Enrollment rates for persons within the Soufriere area at the tertiary level institutions were generally low.

In view of this they decided that the development of the human resources of the Soufriere area through access and participation in tertiary education should be a key performance area for the SRDF for the period 2008 – 2011. As a means of achieving this target, the SRDF decided to host an annual tertiary education and trades fair to raise awareness of the existing academic and skill based courses that are offered by education institutions and financing options available to students. 

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College fair


- To introduce participants to various tertiary level institutions and their programmes

- To boost participants interest in tertiary level education

- To introduce participants to the different trade skills programmes available

- To inform participants of the matriculation requirements of the participating institutions

- To introduce participants to the financing options available to them for pursuing higher education

Who is the Programme for?

  • Current secondary school students
  • School leavers seeking to undertake studies at the tertiary level
  • Employed persons seeking to enhance their career
  • Unemployed persons who are seeking to undertake skills training
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When is the Fair?

The Tertiary Education and Trades Fair is held in October of each year.

Which Institutions Participate?



  • Monroe College
  • National Research and Development Foundation (NRDF)
  • National Skills Development Centre (NSDC)
  • Education for Advancement (EFA)
  • Sir Arthur Lewis Community College
  • The Ministry of Education – Student Services Support Unit
  • University of West Indies Open Campus
  • Southern Education Institute
  • SRDF Training Department


  • Bank of Saint Lucia
  • First Caribbean International

Why should you attend?

If you are serious about your personal development and self advancement then you should attend. 

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