Soufriere Creole Jazz


… the Soul of Soufriere 2006 to 2010

The Soufriere Foundation recognizes that the promotion of our culture as well as our people is paramount in the development of the community of Soufriere.  It is on this basis that the Soufriere Foundation continues to be a proud organizer and presenting sponsor of Soufriere Creole Jazz.  After ten years of co-facilitating the event in the community, the Soufriere Foundation became the sole organizer from 1997.  Under its management, the event has evolved from a one night spectacular to a three-day festival.

Soufriere jazz

With an improved list of headliners, which features extraordinary local and international bands, Soufriere Creole Jazz has become well known for the great music, diverse selection of artistes and the economic benefits which the festival brings to Soufriere region.

Soufriere Creole Jazz has a track record of delivering talent of international prominence, and this year’s festival was no different.  The Soufriere Foundation hosted the 4th annual Soufriere Creole Jazz 2010 under the theme ‘Soul of Soufriere’.  This theme was selected specifically in an attempt to showcase everything special about Soufriere – the real essence of who we are as a people and what we have to offer.

Soufriere Creole Jazz 2010 marked the start of something very grand. The intension was to differentiate the festival as one that is unique - different from the main-stream St. Lucia Jazz, but also very special and authentic. 

Local jazz

Thanks to the invaluable support from sponsors, partners, directors, management, staff and volunteers, the Soufriere Foundation was able to host Four Fantastic events spread over three days.  There were two (2) international bands - the ever-popular Grammacks from Dominica and Klimax from Cuba.  More local bands than ever before were also included.  The Soufriere Foundation felt it was important to ensure that local Soufriere bands were showcased at all of the events.

This year, new components were added to the Soufriere Creole Jazz activities.  For the first time since the hosting the event, a Jazz Road show was organized as well as an official launch.  This was an opportunity to get some visibility and to get residents and persons in the neighboring communities psyched up about the events.

Activities continued with the successful three-day event from April 30th to May 2nd, 2010.  On Friday, April 30th the Soufriere Stadium was transformed into an unforgettable venue.  That night, Grammack International and Klimak played their hearts out and serenedad the estimated 1500 music aficionados present.

Saturday, May 1st took patrons to the Soufriere Waterfront for a free afternoon show which highlighted New Vibes and youth dancers from Claudia’s Dance Academy. 

St lucia jazz

The Sulphur Springs event on May 1st was the highlight of the Jazz weekend.  Patrons swayed, tapped and sung to the infectious and pulse raising music of Matrix, Grammacks and xxx .  The ambience at the Sulphur Springs Park was simply magical.

The event culminated with a Reggae Show on Sunday, May 2nd at Fond Gens Libre with the largest crowd since the start of the event. Approximately 300 persons danced and pranced to the conscious lyrics of xxxxx.

Soufriere creole jazz

The Soufriere Foundation uses Soufriere Creole Jazz as a medium to stimulate economic activity, advertise Soufriere, showcase local talent and expose Soufrierians to jazz music.  Approximately EC$214, 896.39 was expended in 2010 to ensure the successful hosting of the event.  The wide expanse of economic beneficiaries included:  taxi, bus and truck drivers, food and beverage vendors, hotels and guesthouses, restaurants, boutiques, gas stations, local radio stations, advertising companies, building supplies outlets, printing companies, stores that sell stationary, electricians, musicians, models, designers, DJs, MCs, photographers, videographers, policemen, firemen, providers of essential services, contractors, carpenters, and sanitation workers, among others. 

The Soufriere Foundation hopes to place a lot more emphasis on promoting local hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, sites and attractions and to encourage visitors and locals to come to Soufriere for an entire weekend of activities, next year.

Soufriere Creole Jazz can only continue to blossom!