Scholarships Programme


Each year the SRDF provides bursaries and scholarships to underpriviledged and outstanding school performers from Soufriere to allow them to pursue their education. Bursaries and scholarships are provided at the infant, primary, secondary and tertiary level.

General Descriiption

The Soufriere Foundation bursary/scholarship programme is designed to:

  • Enable financially disadvantaged and high performing students of Soufriere to attain an education
  • Support the development of the human capital of the said areas

General Conditions


Bursaries and scholarship are offered to students residing in Soufriere area, only.

Students must have been accepted into a programme of study and institution so deemed acceptable by the Board of Directors of the Soufriere Foundation.

Scholarship applications must be submitted before August 15th of the same academic year in which students will be enrolled. Applications after deadline will not be considered.

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Bursaries/Scholarships will be offered based on academic excellence, character, financial need, leadership potential and community involvement.

Bursaries/Scholarships are offered subject to funding and availability.

Bursaries/Scholarships are awarded for a specific course and start date. Students may not change course or defer same.

Student certificate

Application Procedure

Students are expected to fill in and submit our Scholarships Application Form together with:

  • Exam results
  • Admissions offer letter; and
  • Two (2) Statements of Need


All successful and unsuccessful applicants will be informed by telephone of the results of their interview on or before August 20th, of year of application.

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Awards are offered for a maximum of 1 year.


The SRDF agree to provide to the student a bursary/scholarship to cover:

  1. The payment of registration
  2. The payment of tuition fees
  3. Uniforms
  4. Books for schooling at any one of the secondary schools in St. Lucia.

The form of disbursement will be at the discretion of the Soufriere Foundation.

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Obligations of Student

  1. The Scholarship holder agrees to consistently maintain a high level of academic performance during the period of the scholarship to qualify for consideration for renewal for the next academic year. Bursary holders are expected to show a marked improvement in their academic performance.
  2. The Student agrees to serve as an Ambassador to the Soufriere Regional Development Foundation.
  3. The Student agrees to assist the Foundation in its work and activities when called upon.
  4. Student is encouraged to join and participate in the activities of a community or voluntary organization.
  5. The Student shall submit to the Foundation a copy of each term/semester’s academic report card within 3 weeks of results becoming available.
  6. The Student agrees to behave in an exemplary manner.

Responsibilities of Soufriere Foundation

  1. The Foundation reserves the right to immediately terminate or suspend any scholarship on disciplinary grounds, in case of academic failure, unsatisfactory character evaluation or deliberate failure of Student to engage in Foundation’s publicity activities or undertake voluntary work.
  2. The Foundation reserves the right to terminate a scholarship, after providing one month’s notice and after which there has been no noticeable improvement or unwillingness.
  3. The Foundation reserves the right to withdraw or amend a scholarship without prior notification should it have difficulty meeting its compulsory financial commitments.
  4. The Foundation reserves the right to verify Student academic progress.
  5. Where the Scholarship is of more than one year duration, the Foundation agrees to renew its commitment providing that the student maintains the conditions of the award.
  6. The Foundation agrees to provide an annual information workshop on “the Foundation” to its scholarship and bursary students.
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Scholarship Application Form
Bursary Application Form