SRDF supports projects within the areas covered by its strategic objectives of economic development, infrastructural development, social development, human resource development, cultural development, community marketing and asset management. Our immediate objectives are to:

  • Reduce poverty by providing employment
  • Strengthen the capacity of community organizations
  • Provide basic infrastructure for poor and needy communities
  • Develop the human resource of the community to enhance production
  • Manage the community’s natural resources in a sustainable manner
Who can apply

SRDF funded projects are primarily financed under the organisation’s annual budget.  The organization finances projects carried out by civil society, etc.

SRDF funded and implemented projects are managed by the Projects Department.  The department consists of two projects officers; a Rural Community Liaison Officer and a Tourism Development Officer and is headed by a Senior Projects Officer.  The primary purpose of the department is to facilitate the implementing of and monitoring, evaluating and reporting on projects in a manner that ensures that projects are completed within time and cost and are of the highest quality.


We welcome applications from academic institutions, community based organizations, religious groups, clubs, private individuals, etc.

SRDF is desirous in maintaining equity in its awarding of grants and will consider all applications.  Because of the traditional imbalance in the distribution of development projects, SRDF encourages rural community groups to submit proposals. 

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If you have a project idea you want to discuss or share with us you can feel free to do one of the following:

  • make an appointment to meet with one of our project officers
  • send us a written proposal
  • fill our customized Project Proposal Application form online
  • print and fill our customized Project Proposal Application Form


If you are sending us a written proposal for grant or project funding address it to

General Manager
Soufriere Foundation
Bay Street

or email to

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During the assessment process projects will be assessed based on the following criteria:

  • The project promotes a Soufriere Foundation strategic objective
  • The project is less than EC$20,000
  • The project meets a community need and not a personal need
  • The project has the support of the benefactor community
  • The project is from a Soufriere based group
  • The project will be executed by an organized community group
  • The project is good value for money
  • The project will be sustainable beyond the completion date

Please be advised that we do not provide funding for the following:

  • To build or repair homes for young, unemployed persons
  • To pave roads
  • To build vehicular bridges
  • To assist religious or political groups to achieve ends
  • To assist individual clubs
  • To purchase vehicles
  • To make direct payments to individuals to attend to personal matters  
Town central


  • Application will be assessed by a Project Officer.
  • If application meets eligibility criteria Project Officer will undertake reconnaissance of project area to evaluate community interests, project scope and cost.
  • Application with recommendations will be forwarded to Senior Projects Officer.
  • Senior Projects Officer, Project Officer and Technical Consultant if required will visit site to undertake socio-technical feasibility of project. Project scope will be decided during this visit.
  • Technical Consultant will visit site with Project Officer to calculate project cost based on agreed project scope.
  • Assigned Project Officer will submit project scope and cost documents to Senior Projects Officer for desk appraisal.
  • Project proposal will be submitted to the General Manager for review and endorsement.
  • Project will be included on Projects Request Sheet and for board meeting for approval and decision on funding.
  • Board of Directors will deliberate on project.
  • Decision will be communicated to Senior Projects Officer via General Manager
  • Outcome will be communicated to applicant(s).
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All final decisions on the outcome of the assessment process will be conveyed to applicant(s) initially by phone and later in writing, within a week of the board meeting at which the proposal was tabled.


The Soufriere Foundation will utilize one of four management arrangements to implement a project:

  1. Community Contracting: A contractor from the area is paid to undertake the work.  All or most of the unskilled labour for the project will be residents of the benefactor community
  2. Private Contracting: A contractor is selected through the tender process and paid to undertake all of the work
  3. Koudmein: The Soufriere Foundation supplies the materials and the community supplies the labour and undertakes the work.
  4. Coexecution: Foreman and crew will undertake all skilled work while unskilled work will be undertaken by Koudmein by the community.


The executor of any SRDF funded project must visibly acknowledge SRDF’s support.  Visibility may take the form of a sign, banner, plaque or any agreed means of identification. 


Monitoring and evaluating are key tasks in the project management cycle. They allow the decision makers to more accurately measure and assess performance so as to more effectively manage the achievement of results.

The assigned project staff of the Soufriere Foundation will be responsible for the monitoring, reporting and evaluating of all projects. This will be undertaken weekly.

The project officer will be responsible for submitting a progress report to the General Manager at the end of every month for project evaluation and discussion at the board level.


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