The St Lucia Country Poverty Assessment Study of 2006/2007 reported that 42.4 % of the Soufriere population were living in poverty, with monthly expenditure levels of below EC$423.00.  Cognizant of this alarming statistic the SRDF sees the economic recovery of Soufriere as key to the sustainable development of the community and has placed economic development as the top of the development agenda.

We believe that for Soufriere to reach its true potential, the full potential of agriculture, tourism, financial services and industry must be explored and exploited.  To make this vision a reality we support the development of the above named industries and invest in projects that are income generating and provide direct and indirect employment to persons of the community. 

Our focus for the next five (5) years is on optimizing the use of the sites and attractions, developing the tourism product, marketing the community to the outside world, increasing agricultural production while establishing more financially rewarding linkages with the tourism sector and developing the full potential of the service sector to cater to the needs of the people of Canaries, Soufriere and Choiseul.  By so doing we hope to alleviate poverty and improve the socio-economic conditions of our people.

Region Project Name Description Status Month (s) Undertaken
Soufriere Sulphur Springs Park Souvenir Project Souvenir material was made available to market Completed March 2010
Soufriere Hummingbird Beach Project Completed final designs of beach park development Ongoing March 2010
Region Project Name Description Status Month (s) Undertaken
Chateau Beclair Chateau Belair Tet Paul Nature Trail Phase II Managed and paid salaries of nine (9) staff at Tet Paul Nature Trail, Chateau Belair Ongoing Jan - Dec 2009
Sulphur Springs SS Park Souvenir Project Developed souvenirs to be resold as uniquely Sulphur Springs Park souvenirs Ongoing Jul - Oct 2009
Soufriere Soufriere Fishermen's Cooperative Made EC$ 5,000 donation towards the purchase of a fish aggregate device Completed Oct 2009
Soufriere HOPE Employment Project Partnered with St. Lucia Social Development Fund to provide 6 months employment for 20 unemployed youth, all of whom now have permanent employment with the organization Ongoing Oct 2009
Sulphur Springs Sulphur Springs Park Pool User Fee Introduced user fee for Sulphur Springs pool from November 1, 2009 Completed Nov 2009
Fond St. Jacques Forest Trail Project Commenced construction of Interpretation Centre at En Bas Saut Forest Trail Completed Nov 2009
Derache / Soufriere Derache Road Lobbied Ministry of Communication and Works for paving of Derache and Forest road. Construction of both roads undertaken in December 2009 Completed Nov 2009
Soufriere Soufriere Fishermens' Cooperative Jetty Developed MOU with Fishermens' Coperative for collection of jetty user fee Completed Nov 2009
Toraille Toraille Vending Village Developed MOU with SSDF to build vending facility opposite Toraille Waterfall to accommodate five (5) vendors. Works is to be undertaken in 2010 Ongoing Oct 2009 - present
Region Project Name Description Status Month (s) Undertaken
Chateau Beclair Chateau Belair Tet Paul Nature Trail Phase I Built an eco-tourism trail in Chateau Belair which presently provides employment for seven tour guides and two maintenance personnel Completed Jan - Dec 2008
Malgretoute Petit Piton Trail Examinied the possibility of placing the Petit Piton Trail under SRDF's management Ongoing Mar 2008
Soufriere Viewing Point Beautification Programme Repaired and beautified the viewing points at Stonefield, Quatre Chemin and Colombette Completed Aug - Nov 2008
Fond St. Jacques Rain Forest Trail Started discussing with the Ministry of Forestry the possibility of the SRDF managing the En Bas Saut forest trail Ongoing Aug 2008
Region Project Name Description Status Month (s) Undertaken
Malgretoute Petit Piton Trail Worked collaboratively with other organizations to explore possibility of constructing proper trail Ongoing May 2007
Soufriere Soufriere Vendors Association Commenced work on formation of Soufriere Vendors Association Ongoing May 2007
Soufriere ECFH Share Purchase Purchased 20,000 shares with East Caribbean Financial Holdings Completed Jun 2007
Soufriere SETGA Tour Guide Association Moved to reorganize and strengthen local tour guide association Completed Jun - Aug 2007
Belle Fond Fond Belle Fond Road Rehabilitation Assisted farmers in rebuilding road to area Completed Aug 2007
Sulphur Springs SS Park Price Increase Increased entry fee to SS Park from EC$7.50 to $12.50 Completed Oct 2007