Social & Cultural

As the community became less economically important in the 1960’s, it also became less concerned about the upkeep of its social institutions, their objectives and the culture of its people.  This has resulted in significantly less emphasis being placed on the provision of basic social such as health, toilets, clean drinking water and the maintenance of the culture of the people.

Kids dancing

We at the Soufriere Foundation attempt to encourage social development by providing housing assistance and medical assistance to the poor and needy; providing citizens with a voice; advocating for their right to participate in decision making; improving resident’s access to water and electricity; strengthening capacity of community groups to increase their responsiveness to community problems; promoting community participation and imploring corporate community to increase its philantrophy.  However, we know that on our own we will never be able to do enough to remedy the shortcomings of the community.  As a result, we welcome innovative and goal oriented strategies that seek to improve the social lives of our residents. 

As a goal the Soufriere Foundation aims at integrating culture in its development policies by continuing to expose residents to our culture and supporting cultural development through sponsorship of events, support of training and development.  By so doing we know we are supporting poverty alleviation and strengthening social cohesion.

Region Project Name Description Status Month (s) Undertaken
Soufriere Family Fun Day Staff hosted a family fun day to bring families together. Completed April 2010
Soufriere Sole to Soul Project 1 Slippery Rock University (SRU) delivers 200 pairs of new shoes to Soufriere students. Completed April 2010
Soufriere Anti-Harassment Project Developed and implemented anti- harassment strategy. Ongoing May 2010
Soufriere Soufriere Carnival Sponsored Soufriere Carnival 2010. Completed July 2010
Soufriere Market Road Clean Up Mobilized residents of Market Road and the Gulf to undertake clean up campaign in their area. Completed August 2010
Soufriere Sole to Soul Project 2 SRU/SRDF donates 2,500 pairs of shoes to needy residents. Completed August 2010
Soufriere Hummingbird Beach Clean Up Facilitated clean up of Hummingbird Beach. Completed October 2010
Fond St. Jacques Diamond/Bois Dinde Water Project Facilitated and implemented connection of water mains betweenDiamond Bois Dinde and Lesperance. Completed November 2010
Soufriere Hurricane Tomas Recovery Project Relocated several residents, supplied food and comfort packages to all affected communities and providing materials for rebuilding to others. Facilitated clean up of Soufriere Stadium, Wingsville, Fond Bernier, and Town Centre. Ongoing November 2010
Soufriere Information and Enforcement Officers Programme 12 trainees selected for Information and Enforcement Officers programme. 6 will be selected from the 12 for employment. Ongoing December 2010
Soufriere Underprivileged Children's Party SRDF and Soufriere Town Council hosted a Christmas party for 225 children. Completed December 2010
Soufriere 12 Days of Christmas Promotion 88.5 Soufriere FM gave away about EC $25,000 worth of gifts for Christmas. Completed December 2010
Region Project Name Description Status Month (s) Undertaken
Soufriere Fond St. Jacques Youth and Sports Council Sponsored Independence Day Sports Meet Completed Feb 2009
Soufriere Malgretoute Senior Citizens Home Provided food supplies for home during civil service strike Completed Jun 2009
Soufriere Living Water Community Funding programme to remove mentally challenged persons off the streets and reconnect with families Ongoing Jul 2009
Soufriere Soup Kitchen Year long sponsorship of programme that delivers meals to mentally challenged, destitute and poor residents Ongoing Jul 2009
Soufriere Catholic Youth Group Part-sponsored participation of member at a youth conference in Jamaica Completed Jul 2009
Soufriere La Rose Group Assisted in the purchasing of uniforms Completed Aug 2009
Soufriere Diamond Water Project Sought funds to bring water to unsupplied part of Diamond. Work is to be undertaken in 2010 Ongoing Oct 2009
Soufriere Jounen Kweyol Sponsored Soufriere's Jounen Kweyol Activity Completed Oct 2009
Soufriere Underprivileged Children Christmas Party Held Christmas Party for over 175 underprivileged children of Soufriere at the Sulphur Springs Interpretation Centre Completed Dec 2009
Region Project Name Description Status Month (s) Undertaken
Soufriere 2008 Soufriere Jazz Managed and part-funded activity designed to bring nationals and visitors to Soufriere. Activity also geared towards providing residents with the opportunity to enjoy jazz and local talent Completed May 2008
Soufriere 2008 Soufriere Carnival Managed and part-funded Soufriere Carnival Completed Jul 2008
Soufriere Yaticka Youth Group Donated towards Yaticka's representation of St. Lucia at CARIFESTA 08 Completed Aug 2008
Soufriere Children's Christmas Party Held party for over 175 underprivileged children in Soufriere town and environs Completed Dec 2008
Soufriere Jab Dowo Part-funded SAT facilitated Christmas/New Year cultural activity Completed Dec 2008
Region Project Name Description Status Month (s) Undertaken
Fond St. Jacques Fond St. Jacques Jounen Kweyol Help organise and part sponsor activity Completed Oct 2007
Soufriere Soufriere Christmas Decorations Decorated town, installed lights on Waterfront, Square and Bridge Street for Christmas Completed Dec 2007