About the Sulphur Springs

Situated some 42 km along a precipitous ribbon shaped road from the capital Castries and about 2.4 km south east of the picturesque town of Soufriere, is a geologic marvel and St. Lucia’s most famous and premiere visitor attraction, Sulphur Springs Park.  Advertised worldwide as the home of the, “World’s Only Drive-In Volcano”; for the visitors ability to drive and walk right into the heart of a dormant volcano, the park attracts over 200,000 patrons annually.  Its 46 hectares spreads majestically between two hills that are centrally located within St. Lucia’s Piton World Heritage Site; a status accorded by the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) for the area’s outstanding universal beauty and unique natural phenomenon, to a 2,909 hectare area which includes the world famous pitons, Gros and Petit Piton.  The area is a realm of the senses and a stark reminder of the volcanic origin of the island; however, the present tranquility and captivating beauty of the area, belies the fact the forces that shaped it are still very much alive.

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Under management of the St. Lucia Tourist Board, the park opened its doors to its first paying patrons in the early 1980’s; however, in 1995, the Government of St. Lucia ceded the management of the park to a not for profit company, the Soufriere Regional Development Foundation (Soufriere Foundation or SRDF).  The specific objectives of the Soufriere Foundation as it pertains to Sulphur Springs Park are as follows:

• To protect the natural vegetation and preserve the biodiversity of the area

• To use the natural and cultural resources of the area in a sustainable manner

• To promote the area’s geological features as tourist attractions

• To support the area’s use as an outdoor scientific and educational laboratory

• To facilitate use of the area for recreation

Since 1995, the park has undergone many changes, foremost of which, is the addition of a vending village, world-class interpretation centre and a new trail.  Today, the park employs over 40 permanent staff to cater for the needs of our many visitors.

A visit to Sulphur Springs Park to enjoy its history and geology, is a truly memorable experience that just cannot be missed while in tropical St. Lucia.  Join us and explore its many ATTRACTIONS.

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