Attractions at the Sulphur Springs

The area’s geographic uniqueness and breathtaking vista makes it one of the island’s two major natural landmarks, the other being the nearby world famous, Gros and Petit Piton. 

Sulphur Springs Park has a number of attractions, including:

  • An impressive collection of boiling springs and fumeroles
  • Treasure trove of minerals including the mineral, jarosite
  • 2 waterfalls
  • 2 hot water bathing pools – Black Water Pool and Pool of Love
  • World-class interpretation centre
  • Mini-picnic park


Your tour is between 20 – 30 minutes long and will take you through the park’s many attractions.  You will visit our interpretation centre, which reveals the area’s timeless secrets and also view a scintillating 5 minute video production of the area’s geology.  Your guide will then take you for a first hand view of the geothermal system and while there narrate the area’s geology, chemistry, history, mythology, sociology and flaura and fauna.  While you listen to our fumeroles hiss as they exhale and watch our boiling springs angrily act up, for a moment just imagine the cauldron of red hot magma just below your feet which gives rise to the activity within which you stand.  From our main viewing gallery you can watch our minerals dazzle and play tricks under the effects of the sun before your very eyes and if you’re lucky enough you may see one of our geysers misbehave.


Between viewing galleries, you will meet first hand some of the exotic fruits that the Caribbean is renowned for and if you have some time you can watch the world’s longest grass grow right under your very eyes.  And if that’s not enough you can visit our two waterfalls where our mineral waters cascade lovingly into inviting plunge pools.